In this article I will be discussing about creating a Google cloud instance.

While participating in kaggle Santander recommendation competition, I used to wonder how to deal with 2.3GB training dataset rather than how to solve problem, GOOGLE CLOUD came to my rescue in this situation.

Google will be giving you $300 free usage for the first two months. Maximum of 8 core instance can be created during free usage period. You just need to follow following steps to create an instance.

Creating Instance:

You need to sign up here and provide Debit or Credit card details before creating instance. Google will charge 67 rupees initially after you sign up but don’t worry Google will again credit it into your account and will not charge you until $300 worth usage is completed.

You need to first create a project. Here I have created a project with testing as project name. Project ID will be testing-153211.Screenshot from 2016-12-21 17-19-19.png


After creating project it will be available in projects folder on top right position of the projects section as shown below.

Screenshot from 2016-12-21 17-22-27.png

Select testing project or any other project where you need to create your instance. Here I have chosen testing as my project.

Now go to Compute Engine.


Click on Create instance to create your first instance. IT will be directed to the page as shown below.

Screenshot from 2016-12-21 17-28-55.png

Give a name to your instance. Here I have given Santander as its name. Select a zone, the cost will be differed with zone, machine type and storage selection. Here I have selected us-west1-a, 8 core 30gb memory standard machine.

In Boot disk select the type of OS you want. Here I have selected Ubuntu 16.04 LTS OS and 30gb SSD hard disk. Following images will give you idea about these things.

Screenshot from 2016-12-21 17-33-19.png

Select Compute Engine Default service account and allow default API access.

Screenshot from 2016-12-21 17-40-53.png

Click on create button to create your instance.

Congratulations!!! you have finally created Google cloud instance. Click on SSH to connect to your instance where you will be directed to the terminal of your instance.

Screenshot from 2016-12-21 17-50-38.png

Feels thrilling right. Now go and explore your instance. In the next post I will be discussing about how to setup R server in your instance.

Stay tuned!!


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